Sunday, July 27, 2008

dailies 7/20-7/26.

another week, another round of dailies. i just got back from a whirlwind trip to jersey, and am way glad to be back in my own space. here's the week, nothing monumental to report as of yet.

sunday, july 20th: "it's half past 'chill the hell out', but i can't help myself."
monday, july 21st: "grasping at too many things at once and coming up empty."
tuesday, july 22nd: "you look like a birthday present!"
wednesday, july 23rd: "a 'feel like i'm being hugged on the inside' sort of day."
thursday, july 24th: "i can't be the chicken."
friday, july 25th: "a most classy bon voyage."
saturday, july 26th: "planting and cultivating my own doubts."

the end the end the end the end. i don't yet know what exactly all these weekly dailies-strips are going to do slash be, right now its just a weird habit. any brilliant ideas?

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mom said...

Love planting and cultivating my own doubts... I get one lately...