Thursday, June 25, 2009

dailies 6/15-6/21.

it's dailies time. but more importantly, it's sleep time. and really, dailies time was like two days ago. please bear with me during this WOW BUSY time.


Janna Morton said...

Nice! I think the unraveling sweater is my favorite. I was wondering, what are you using to draw these, Alissandra? Brush? Quill? Pen?

alissandra seelaus said...

thanks janna! sorry for the delayed reply, i'm precollege-ing up a storm this summer!

i use a little bit of a mix of things, but mostly a brush. sometimes, a tiny bit of pen sneaks in, usually when i'm feeling particularly lazy or unsteady-handed. i'm glad you like them!

Janna Morton said...

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for replying! I hope you're having a good time working with the Pre-College kids! I'm having a good time seeing people around campus, again ^^.