Sunday, August 10, 2008

dailies 8/3-8/9.

an early dailies post this week, since i am moving in the next few days and i need to pack up my trusty scanner all safe and sound so that it makes it in one piece and continues to be trusty in my new home too. sunday, august 3rd: "i spent the day waiting."
monday, august 4th: "my overactive imagination is alive and kicking."
tuesday, august 5th: "i'm losing confidence in the most basic of skills."
wednesday, august 6th: "oh, no."
thursday, august 7th: "turns out i am still an unconditional fan."
friday, august 8th: "i accidentally upped the disillusionment ante."
saturday, august 9th: "i made a strut-worthy playlist."

there was a mini-update to my portfolio site this week, but the next few days will be little more than packing and moving, dragging and lugging. i can't wait. on the horizon after that is a desktop wallpaper submission to kitsune noir's "desktop battle!" on the topic of facial hair, and finally, a resolution of sorts for my backlog of 2008 dailies. and of course, you know, school.

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AishaK said...

Yay for unconditional fans.