Monday, August 25, 2008

dailies 8/17-8/23.

just a little late this week, it's been a crazy few days. i'm finally getting nicely settled into my new (lovely!) place, i'll probably post pictures and deviate mildly from the strictly art nature of this blog to show off my new house as soon as we get the finishing touches squared away. apparently our toilet is a 'toto', which i'm told is essentially like having a bentley parked in our bathroom. i'm not entirely sure why that was relevant, but here we go:
sunday, august 17th: "a silver lining that basically tied my loose thesis ends in a big fat bow."
monday, august 18th: "a cold shower in a steamy apartment i guess balances out."
tuesday, august 19th: "my thinking cap was exceptionally high-functioning today."
wednesday, august 20th: "actions speak louder."
thursday, august 21st: "i'm letting too much in."
friday, august 22nd: "i'm suddenly ready and willing to pick a fight."
saturday, august 23rd: "too many things are demanding my attention."

the end the end the end the end. classes start up in a week, so expect much more in the visual stimuli department than just week after week of dailies really soon! like whoa!

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