Tuesday, November 20, 2007

an unnecessary lack of loyalty.

these two are lovely playing card designs for the three of hearts and seven of spades. the idea (i thought) was to propose an entire deck of cards that could be hypothetically executed, and do the two cards we were assigned as a finish. so i proposed a deck of fairy tale playing cards that would, from 2 through ace, tell the story associated with that suit. so, diamonds (which are associated with material goods/wealth) equals cinderella, hearts (associated with emotions/relationships) equals the little mermaid, spades (associated with intellect/wit) equals rumplestilskin, and clubs (associated with power) equals... UNDECIDED. fail. whatever, it didn't so much even matter since we didn't need to have an entire deck proposal anyway. i wish i'd known that before i spent my entire saturday researching fables whose morals fit each of the suits' motivating forces for my first plan for my deck. thirteen for each suit. i'm dumb.

anyway, so each story is broken into thirteen pieces and here is the third scene from the little mermaid and the seventh scene from rumplestilskin, as indicated by the number of filled in suit symbols on the side of the card. neat, right? these went over really well in class, so that was nice, especially since i was a bit nervous about the crit. watercolor and ink is good for me, but i still feel the need to, i don't know, not use that media? maybe i need to get over that. or get better at other things.

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