Tuesday, February 19, 2008

response and respond.

i realize that they are a noun and verb of the same thing, but i couldn't really find a better way to differentiate between the two-part double-page spread sketchbook assignment i'm doing this semester. this time it's a response to the previous two-page spread based on a keyword (i.e., exaggerated, or oppositional), and another open-ended spread for someone else to respond to the following week. get it, get it?i forgot to scan last week, so i'll see if i can't get that book back later and scan them then.this week's response was an "oppositional" take on a farmhouse in a woodsy grove, so i decided on a tiny tree struggling to exist in a super-urban cityscape, that i decided to execute like wallpaper, you know, for fun. my 'respond' piece is a little girl afraid of the dark and psycho-killer-nightmare-monsters that dwell in the shadows. i'm gonna give these books the "hey i want to experiment with some mixed media" treatment, so i can play with new things and expand my repertoire without botching something i need to turn in. also, apologies abound for the minimal updates thus far. things are just getting underway-ish and ceramics is so not a scannable, web-friendly art (nor am i very good at it), so it's limiting how much i have to show for my efforts. also, because my illustrated book class is a long-term singular project, it has less 'in the meantime' sort of nice-to-look-at things. but i should have some character designs and turnarounds to show soon, so never fear.

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