Saturday, April 5, 2008

what is your childhood trauma?

um, i so fail at the consistent blogging thing this time around. like a lot. i could go on with the "blah, blah, lots of work, blah, blah, not enough sleep", but really, it's the same story for everyone, so i won't make excuses. me=the suck, i'm aware. but here's words on wheels. !!
words on wheels is an "illustrate a selected middle-schooler's poem and have it juried to be maybe printed for public transit in maryland" project. my poem is (as you can deduce, i imagine) about a little girl being told she's bad at art. how could i not illustrate a poem for a little girl who's sad because she's told she's bad at art? there were a lot of troublesome restrictions to the assignment like particular font size, color, placement, orientation, etc., etc., but overall it was a surprisingly enjoyable experience. also, i found out mine will for real be printed to go on buses and light rails and other public-type vehicles, so that makes it all the more agreeable. other peculiar trivia associated with this project: the poem i was originally given was plagiarized from a pretty terrible internet chain letter. by a sixth grader. how many different sorts of depressing is that?

i would close with the optimistic implication that i would post more later, but that would likely be a vicious lie. there are things to be shown, i promise, i just have to get around to actually, you know, showing them. don't judge. also, i have hit the "all my projects are independent" part of the semester, so things are less exciting to display anyway.

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