Thursday, April 2, 2009

pretty please?

i am planning to print my postcards for commencement slash, real life in the immediate future.
i am definitely decided on the "what if... flowers bloomed with your every step?" image for the front, but i have been waffling on the color scheme for the back for infinity hours. i would love you to help me decide, and/or decide for me, which one i should go with. here are the whittled options (from many, many permutations of unreasonably similar alternatives):

please please comment and let me know which one you like better (and p.s., don't forget how washed out blogger makes things!). my brain is so overstuffed, i can't choose all alone. incentive! do so and i will make sure you get one. don't you want to help me not go crazy?


Rosemary Davis said...

My vote goes to #2.

(hey look, you got a comment!)

tidliwinx said...

i vote for #2...

Sam Bosma said...

I vote for number 1 because it's easier to read. The text being even marginally brighter is helpful.

Two important things: I'd take out the "place stamp here, please." Mostly because you're going to be the only person seeing it, right? You're sending these out? Doesn't make a lot of sense (plus I don't think you're technically supposed to have anything there). I'd also make that whole area east of the divider white, for readability/writability's sake. If you don't want to make it white, maybe just choose one of the lighter colors from the image and go from there.


tyler parker said...

I like the color combination on number 2 but I think the first one is going to be a whole lot easier to read so I vote that one.

tiff-uh-knee said...

I vote for 1!

The yellow and the dark background goes nicely together.
I enjoy how you pulled in that lilac color from the flowers on the front.
For the second one (judging by the color thats on my screen) the green over powers the orange right now.
I get that a stamp will be placed over it anyways but I feel like your name should be the one doing the "popping".

tiff-uh-knee said...

omg...did blogger just delete my comment?? ARGH!

anyhoo I voted for 1!
I like the yellow and dark background combo and I liked how you pulled in that lovely lilac color from the flowers on the front.
For the second one I think the green on the stamp is drawing too much attention to itself. I understand a stamp is going to be placed over it anyways but I think if anything should be "popping" off the page it should be your name.

Aisha K said...

#1 for all previously mentioned reasons and I like the lilac.

Marika McCoola said...

go for number one. You were right about that coral.

traci said...

I love No 1...but agree with Sam who appears to live in somewhat of the real world...leave the violet, but delete "place stamp here"...and the right side should probably be at least a lot lighter ...maybe even 10-20% of the grey ...I'd like to still see the white down rule.

But I still like the cupcakes best!