Saturday, May 23, 2009

hey look, i graduated.

well, it's official. i'm a real human. diploma earned, car purchased, lease signed. as promised, here are some photos of my installation for commencement. included in my tiny show were all of my what if illustrations and mixtape story from thesis, as well as my hug-a-city friend. the frames are actually vinyl (think giant, black stickers) as is the table leg beneath the shelf pretending to be a table. but the stool is real, courtesy of the lovely sara allred.

anyway, in my endeavors to be a grown-up, i'm in the midst of moving, so things might be sparse for a bit. i really do plan to restart the dailies, but it looks like june 1st will be a much more reasonable resume date than my birthday, which, by the way, was lovely. so, stay tuned for the big reveal on my summer thesis (yes, it never stops) and dailies: tng!


Rosemary Davis said...

Hooray, congratulations! The show looks darling, I wish I could have stuck around to see it in person. Looks like you had a really good space!

alissandra seelaus said...

thanks rose! i was way pleased with my little-wall-on-a-wall space, even though the weird face i made at whitney when she first explained the concept probably didn't register as such.

Mattbarry said...

Woot for graduation. Woot for feeling human! Woot for postwards.
Woot, Woot, Woot for everything!
Congratulations. Diplomas are wonderful, like magic. Let me know your new address. I'll send some coffee. It'll make your new space smell joyous.
Love, Mattbarry

Kelly Miller said...

I really love the set up for this gallery! The frames are adorable and I remember you making your stuffed character at the desk one day! I bet it feels both wonderful and terrifying to graduate. I can only imagine! Good luck and i will look forward to seeing your stuff! :D

-Kelly (one of your many underlings when you were an RA)

alissandra seelaus said...

haha, thanks mattbarry and miss kelly (OF COURSE I KNOW WHO YOU ARE GEEZ). i'm glad you like the fancy-style installation (really, i just didn't want to boring-frame my work).

B.Wallz said...

Congrats again dude!