Monday, July 27, 2009

dailies 7/20-7/26.

all right, i made it. here, before our very eyes, are the dailies recording the final days of mica pre-college 2009. i have a short little break now to catch up on things and get settled into a more normal life rhythm, and starting next week, i'll be teaching summer art camp at the walters, a gig i was lucky enough to score from the ever-delightful brian ralph.

at the same time that i'm teaching kids how to draw comics in the coming weeks, i've got some major ground to cover with my thesis work. so, EXPECT MAJOR UPDATES REALLY SOON. or, in lieu of updates, some sort of murder-suicide pact with my buddy james wu who is similarly troubled in our present lack of thesis work to show. thanks, pre-college, thanks.

okay, cynicism over. STAY TUNED.

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