Sunday, November 6, 2011

dailies 10/30-11/5.

the dailies this week come from my first week as not-an-art-teacher. for two weeks at school i have been transformed into a history/social studies teacher for "facing history and ourselves" a immersive seminar for eighth graders about all the terrible atrocities man has committed against man throughout time. CHEERY, RIGHT? but i don't mind it as much as i might have imagined, and i have a great group of students, so that's a real plus.
(sunday, october 30th)
 (monday, october 31st)
 (tuesday, november 1st)
 (wednesday, november 2nd)
 (thursday, november 3rd)
 (friday, november 4th)
(saturday, november 5th)

a plus of this feel-good seminar program is that i have very little prep to do for school, since much of the curriculum is designed in advance (also we had a professional development day on friday which meant i did most of the work at schoooooooool!) as a result, i did a TON of work for artmarket this weekend! i am really excited to be able to launch some new things this year, so stay tuned for some sneak peeks! don't forget artmarket is dec 8th-11th @ MICA.

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