Sunday, February 1, 2009

dailies week five: rearranging inside and outside my brain.

now, not many of you may notice (or maybe you do, i don't know how detail-oriented you are, lovely readers) that i notoriously post my dailies as close to the end of sunday or into the beginnings moments of monday on a regular basis. and then today, all of a sudden--gasp--it's 9:30! in the morning! on a sunday! and here i am.

getting acquainted with my new (and FINAL wow) semester at mica has taken a little more adjusting than usual. i'm always a little bit slow finding the right times to complete my work for my various classes, schedule my hours at work (like this delightful sunday morning desk shift at the gateway allowing for prime daily-uploading time), etc. maybe it's because of all the miscellaneous things that are super-important but not presently action-oriented but still swim around in my brain like, you know, GRADUATING and FINDING A HOME. it seems like i spend more time trying to figure out what i should be doing, rather than actually doing anything.

the only constant has been my unshakeable obsession with pale young gentlemen. they have been on constant repeat (sometimes just in my head) everywhere i go, and they have an mp3 on their website of their cover of m.i.a.'s "paper planes" that is epic. AND there are ladies in the band even though their name insists otherwise. so good so good.

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