Thursday, March 12, 2009


for all the cool slash terrified seniors, commencement exhibition proposals were due this week. this basically means you have to show your department slash exhibitions how you wish to represent yourself and mica career as you graduate and are thrust into the real world FOREVER.

my proposal circles around two things: i don't like to frame my work, and i like things. i feel like the second you throw my illustrations in a frame they're far away, even if you are smushing your face against thee glass. so i elected to paint "frames" on the wall (meaning just silhouette-y frame shapes) and float my what if? illustrations on top of them, glass-free, in a sort of salon-style grouping. additionally, my fall thesis book a mixtape story will be on a shelf (silhouetted with paint to look like a quirky table) with the accompanying mix for listening. also, tiny vase of flowers because i am just that kind of girl. lastly, my hug-a-city friend will be returning as the host of this tiny sitting room display, hugging a for-real 3D chair. the photos of her in action will be displayed amongst the what ifs, like family photos.
cute? me? hope so.

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