Sunday, November 15, 2009

away we go: the book sleuth (1 of 6)

all right, i'll admit that i'm making zero work right now that is not grad-school-flavored. in an effort to keep things at least a little bit updated around here, here's the first of my book sleuth spreads! fun fact: in a serendipitous trip to baltimore's book thing, i found a free copy of my father's dragon just days after i finished the series. hooray! if you'd like to read my lovely kid-oriented review of the book as well, click to enlarge, friends!

i did the whole spread: digital collage for the color full-page and the black and white spread, the writing, and the layout. i am so not a graphic designer, but i think the layout is pretty okay? maybe? i will even settle for not distractingly bad. stay tuned for the rest of the series, to be unveiled in a painstakingly slow manner. thanks for hanging with me as i try to, you know, get my masters.

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