Sunday, February 7, 2010

dailies: 1/31-2/6.

a very snowy dailies broadcast for you today. i will never escape my house, it seems! good thing i don't really mind, since my house is full of coffee and chili and curry and mmmmm. 

sunday, january 31st: "i sometimes don't realize that i am singing out loud."
monday, february 1st: "i didn't know student teaching was like dodgeball."
tuesday, february 2nd: "just call me gumby."
wednesday, february 3rd: "WHOA."
thursday, february 4th: "anything i can do to help."
friday, february 5th: "the sense of urgency just isn't there."
saturday, february 6th: "snow is like one giant permission slip to do whatever i want."


caro said...


caro said...

also, i really love your dailies, they always make me happy. you might know this, as i was obsessively refreshing my page waiting for you to click "publish."

Sara said...

*love love LOVE!!*

Sometimes, when I read your dailies, it's like reading my own journal...if I had one. hmmm. nevermind. you know what I mean!


alissandra seelaus said...

ohh, thanks buddies!! you are so nice.

caro, i'm so glad they make you happy, even when there are giant mushroom clouds.

sara, i do know exactly what you mean. that is basically the goal! sort of. you know what *i* mean.