Sunday, February 14, 2010

dailies 2/7-2/13, plus: HEY HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY

hey everyone, happy valentine's day! aside from the fact that i draw hearts all over everything like i'm a grade school girl with a giant crush, i really love valentine's day being an excuse to be extra-affectionate to the people you love. i'm obviously less fond of the 'hallmark-y, heart-shaped boxes of so-so chocolates wrapped in red cellophane to distract you from how mediocre they are, shell out enough money on valentine's day presents to convince me you love me' associations with the holiday, but the sentiment is nice. so there it is! i love valentine's day and i love you. onto the dailies:
sunday, february 7th: "if i've already purchased it, I MIGHT AS WELL EAT IT RIGHT NOW."
monday, february 8th: "thanks, neighborly good samaritan, i would've been digging my car out with a cookie sheet and a dust pan."
tuesday, february 9th: "i feel like i'm moments away from whipping out a giant foam finger every time we speak."
wednesday, february 10th: "WOW CABIN FEVER."
thursday, february 11th: "i need humans."
friday, february 12th: "oops, making things worse."
saturday, february 13th: "i spent the day waiting for lots of things that never happened."

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