Sunday, December 19, 2010

dailies 12/12-12/18.

tomorrow starts the last week of school before winter break and i am SO READY to jump on a plane the moment the bell rings on thursday! here are the dailies:

 sunday, december 12th: "sundays why are you always the worst?"
 monday, december 13th: "even if we totally fail at our respective careers, at least we can make a killer pizza."
 tuesday, december 14th: "one foot in front of the other."
 wednesday, december 15th: "planning for change."
 thursday, december 16th: "wow it was painfully today obvious how new i am."
 friday, december 17th: "slowly regaining control."
saturday, december 18th: "celebrating our own non-traditional baltimore christmas."

perfect early-christmas involved a series of baltimore staples: brunch at miss shirley's (margherita  omelette and pumkin cheesecake-stuffed french toast) and then take-out from iggie's pizza (gorgonzola pear, pesto-spinach-tomato with goat cheese, and duck with asparagus/red onion---WHOA) while watching season one of the wire. since christmas happens before my next dailies post, everybody have a safe, warm, and happy holiday!

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