Sunday, December 12, 2010

dailies 12/5-12/11.

so artmarket was a success! i do have a little bit of stock left over, so be sure to check back at my etsy shop for updates--- you might find the perfect gift for someone you know and like!

 sunday, december 5th: "CANNOT FIND THE OFF SWITCH."
monday, december 6th: "prepping and trimming and mounting and wrapping."
tuesday, december 7th: "doing my best to stay in touch."
 wednesday, december 8th: "NOT PREPARED."
 thursday, december 9th: "i'm so not sneaky."
 friday, december 10th: "RUN OUT OF GAS: now a metaphorical and literal truth."
saturday, december 11th: "eight hours later, i can finally unscrew my smile."

the countdown to christmas break is well underway, and i cannot wait to be able to self-determine my daily schedule and accomplish something other than lesson-planning. NOT THAT I DON'T LOVE MY JOB, i'm just ready to feel like a fully-formed human. have a great week, everybody!

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