Sunday, April 10, 2011

dailies 4/3-4/9.

the dailies are here, and so is the final week before spring break WHEEEEEEE! i'm so excited and so ready for a break and so distracted by those two things that i have lots and lots to do before tomorrow so without further ado, here are the dailies:

 (sunday, april 3rd)
  (monday, april 4th)
   (tuesday, april 5th)
   (wednesday, april 6th)
   (thursday, april 7th)
   (friday, april 8th)
  (saturday, april 9th)

can't WAIT to jump on a plane and see my buddy jm on friday! also, my mini-vacation will interrupt the posting of the dailies this week, so these ones will have to hold you over until i get back from south carolina! have a great week, everybody!


Brendan said...

"Miracle cure" is one of my favorites yet! I love the dimensionality.

alissandra seelaus said...

hey thanks! i like the ones that get to play around somewhere in between hand-lettering and illustration.