Sunday, April 24, 2011

dailies SUPERPOST: 4/10-4/23.

hi everyone, long time no see!  thanks for your patience in my delayed dailies from last week, i was a little busy having a real-person vacation with my buddy jean marie! it was lovely to not think about work for a whole 5 days and truly set my own (lazy) life pace. without further ado, here are the many, many dailies from the last two weeks:
 (sunday, april 10th)
  (monday, april 11th)
  (tuesday, april 12th)
  (wednesday, april 13th)
  (thursday, april 14th)
  (friday, april 15th)
  (saturday, april 16th)
  (sunday, april 17th)
  (monday, april 18th)
  (tuesday, april 19th)
  (wednesday, april 20th)
  (thursday, april 21st)
  (friday, april 22nd)
 (saturday, april 23rd)

i hope the wait was worth it! have a great easter and a great week, everybody!

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