Sunday, May 1, 2011

dailies 4/24-4/30.

dailies are here! and so is may! which is almost june which is almost summer! which is not to say that i am counting down the 34 remaining school days or anything, no way. let's take a look:

 (sunday, april 24th)
  (monday, april 25th)
  (tuesday, april 26th)
  (wednesday, april 27th)
  (thursday, april 28th)
  (friday, april 29th)
 (saturday, april 30th)

i spent much of this week distracting myself from the aforementioned 34 days by overcoming my x-files loyalty-bias against fringe and watching all the past episodes to catch up to the current season finale.

also coming up soon is the sudbrook spring art show (on my birthday, which is both a delightful and  exhausting way to spend it) and then the beirut show next week! mmmmm. i'll leave you with this delightful track from their ablum "the flying club cup." have a great week, everybody!

Beirut - Nantes
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