Sunday, May 29, 2011

dailies 5/22-5/28.

here are the dailies: we are dangerously close to the end of the year and it feels GREAT. i had my final evaluation for the end of my first year of teaching (!!!) and it was very flattering and positive, a lot of "fluffy bunnies, wow you're great; have we ever told you how pretty you are? rainbows and unicorns THE END" probably because i'm still in the adorable "we're so glad you're here!!" honeymoon period, but it still felt nice. anyhow, let's get to the dailies!

 (sunday, may 22nd)
 (monday, may 23rd)
 (tuesday, may 24th)
  (wednesday, may 25th)
  (thursday, may 26th)
  (friday, may 27th)
 (saturday, may 28th)

aaaaaaaand i'm off to enjoy the rest of my long weekend! have a good week, everybody! 

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