Sunday, May 15, 2011

dailies 5/8-5/14.

another quick dailies post before i dive back into work:

 (sunday, may 8th)

(monday, may 9th)
(tuesday, may 10th)

 (wednesday, may 11th)
 (thursday, may 12th)
 (friday, may 13th)

(saturday, may 14th)

also, a few of this week's dailies got a little cryptic, so i'll send a surprise to anyone who can correctly decode all 7! good luck and have a great week, everybody!


Abby Boeh said...

Ah HA! Lefty, brevity, serenade, swoon, shhhh, in demand, reunion! Translating my classmates' terrible handwriting all through high school is finally paying off! I can read anything!

alissandra seelaus said...

you win! send me your proper address please for your prize.

Abby Boeh said...

oh my gosh, alissandra, i'm gonna see you in person in just a few weeks! haha! 153 w. lanvale st, baltimore though, if you wanna mail it!