Sunday, March 6, 2011

dailies 2/27-3/5.

it's been a busy week! i am hard at work on many simultaneous projects, and believe it or not, i take off for the fair city of seattle in less than two weeks! how this snuck up on me, i do not know, but i'll be headed to the national art education association conference and i am super-jazzed! not only do i get a mini-vacation in the longest (read: no long weekends, no breaks, no nothing) month of the school year, but i also get to nerd out over art ed theory/research/practice for 4 days AND visit with one of my best buddies AND catch up with old friends! can you say win-win-win-win-WIN? all right, all right to the dailies, already:

 (sunday, february 27th)
  (monday, february 28th)
  (tuesday, march 1st)
  (wednesday, march 2nd)
  (thursday, march 3rd)
  (friday, march 4th)
 (saturday, march 5th)

also, i've recently taken up a cupcake-baking experiment (for no reason). turns out applesauce is truly an excellent alternative to oil, and so far i've concocted devil's food with cream cheese icing and white cake with strawberry frosting, both with sprinkles, because really, what is a cupcake if not a vehicle for sprinkle consumption? have a great week, everybody!

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