Sunday, March 27, 2011

dailies 3/20-3/26.

so it turns out that the climb back out of vacation-mode is a rough one--- i had an absolutely amazing time at naea last week, but this week sure took its toll. let's take a look:
 (sunday, march 20th)
  (monday, march 21st)
  (tuesday, march 22nd)
  (wednesday, march 23rd)
  (thursday, march 24th)
  (friday, march 25th)
 (saturday, march 26th)

thankfully, the real spring break is t-minus 14.5 school days (but who's counting?) so i can still look forward to a release after what feels like a week-long sprint to (mostly) catch up after playing hooky last weekend. here's to a better week this week, hope yours is good too!

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