Sunday, March 13, 2011

dailies 3/6-3/12.

dailies from a slightly brighter, slightly later time! thanks spring forward, you're pretty much the worst. this week's dailies are sponsored by my stellar shopping spree this weekend (which, in turn was sponsored by my tax refund). i have a totally adorable spring wardrobe that was legitimately super-cheap. man i love getting a good deal. anyway, onto the dailies:

(sunday, march 6th)
(monday, march 7th)
(tuesday, march 8th)
(wednesday, march 9th)
(thursday, march 10th)
(friday, march 11th)
(saturday, march 12th)

this week i'll be headed out to seattle so the posting may be a bit sparse, but is sure to be worth it upon my return! have a great week, everybody!

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