Sunday, August 1, 2010

dailies 7/25-7/31.

oh hey sunday, how's it going? so nice to see you again. i have been a super-slacker this week, basking in my unbelievably flexible (albeit brief) schedule between the end of precollege and the start of summer camp at the walters (aka tomorrow). how do i define said basking? uh, 3 seasons of 30 rock in 4 days mmmmm. every once in a while i really love turning off my brain.

sunday, july 25th: "tiny thank yous for giant actions."
monday, july 26th: "don't you look at me, dinner."
tuesday, july 27th: "cerebral wrap-up."
wednesday, july 28th: "couldn't have said it better myself."
thursday, july 29th: "the sky opened up every time i tried to procrastinate leave the house."
saturday, july 30th: "starting fresh."
saturday, july 31st: "walking around listening to instrumental music makes me feel like i'm in a movie."

also, in my "hey i get to be a real human, wheeeeee" time, i both donated a bunch of crap to good will and then bought some more awesome things, including a standard (lovely) scarf, a navy j.crew button-front skirt, a crisp oxford (for the whole, looking-like-a-grownup thing) a DKNY motorcycle jacket and best of all, a dark magenta leather blazer. bonus points (or a secret surprise!) if you can guess what i spent (and raf no guessing you big answer-knowing cheat!). have a great week, everybody!

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