Sunday, August 15, 2010

dailies 8/8-8/14.

and it's dailies time! this week concludes the first and last week of my real, obligation-free mini-summer.
sunday, august 8th: "slowly intertwining."
monday, august 9th: "getting things in order."
tuesday, august 10th: "3000 miles doesn't feel quite so far."
wednesday, august 11th: "i may dress like an adult, but i still don't feel like one."
thursday, august 12th: "keeping my honeydew safe and sound."
friday, august 13th: "and miles to go before i sleep."
saturday, august 14th: "yep, still terrified of everything ever." 

and what have i been doing with my mini-summer? trying to be responsible and organizing my life as best i can and readying my very own classroom for my students (who i meet in two unbelievably short weeks!), and watching lots and lots of bones because man, do i love tv. though it was directly responsible for my nonsensical conviction that there was a crazy psychokiller in my house last night waiting to super-murder me.

also i saw scott pilgrim and it was unbearably good! so of course i had to go and do this:
go see it (and/or scott pilgrimize yourself)! have a great week, everyone.

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