Monday, August 9, 2010

dailies 8/1-8/7.

dailies are a little late this week because i, um, forgot about what it's like to have a life!  let's get right to work:
 sunday, august 1st: "they consider me a regular at the farmer's market."
monday, august 2nd: "i swear, door, that i am the one with the brain in this scenario."
tuesday, august 3rd: "my tried and true method of procrastination."
wednesday, august 4th: "self-control and patty melts are incompatible."
thursday, august 5th: "HEY my very favorite coat was on tv!"
friday, august 6th: "a lovely last day."
saturday, august 7th: "OH MY GOD I LOVE SUMMER."

the walters wrapped up friday, and i have just two short weeks before i report to duty at my new school! how incredible and exhilarating and terrifying all at once. have a great week, everybody; i will be making maximum use of mine.

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