Sunday, August 22, 2010

dailies 8/15-8/21.

new teacher training was this week, i have keys to my classroom and WHOA I REPORT TO WORK TOMORROW.
sunday, august 15th: "so not ready."
monday, august 16th: "a space that says, 'inspiration is everywhere.'"
tuesday, august 17th: "new teacher training: so many free pens and totes."
wednesday, august 18th: "high class."
thursday, august 19th: "align and refine."
friday, august 20th: "oops not professional, guess i gotta go shopping."
saturday, august 21st: "outgrowing my bookshelves again."

i have just a few things to finish up before my classroom is all set and adorable, and a whole lot of things to finish up before i'm ready for my students! OMG OMG OMG wish me luck! on the plus side, i'm all caught up on bones and i managed to solve thursday's "oops i'm half-naked crisis" with a highly successful shopping adventure this weekend! i love killer sales and back-to-school deals, and with groupon's awesome gap deal, i will be a very stylish and fully-clothed teacher on the first day of school! have a great week, everybody.

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