Thursday, September 13, 2007

leave it to me to make agriculture romantic.

so this was a class exercise from character development and the first piece that i've really been happy with from that class. the class is a little intense because we have homework assignments and in-class start-to-finishes as well, so the turnaround is really quick. but i like the problem-solving aspect of stretching your style to suit the exercise, which in this case was to make two complimentary but opposing body types interacting in some way. i pulled the starting points "plaid", "overalls", and "wok" (we scramble bits of paper with suggestions on them to start the cogs a-turnin' in your brain for these assignments), and had to use two of the three. so imagine his shirt is plaid, since i never got around to inking that. farmer and milkmaid in love. precious. i really hope to get a lot out of this class, but in the meantime it is kicking my butt, but good.

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