Sunday, September 23, 2007

a new, more artistic kind of 'weekly'.

mmm, so i have the first three two-page spreads i have completed for my concepts class's ongoing sketchbook. and by "sketchbook", i mean like 14. the idea is that each book has a loose narrative attached to it (essentially a hero, a setting, and a goal) and each week we rotate books, completing a two-page spread each time. the following week, we receive a new book and a word to be incorporated into our finish in some manner. these will make minimal amounts of sense, since they are both out of original context and placed within context of one another, but it'll be fun anyway. ready? here we go:

the first one is a steampunk-era cross-dressing teenage boy, looking to get a bouquet of flowers for his mom. no word to incorporate this time. you can tell he's steampunk because of his snappy jacket and CONVERSES. plus, you know, the train. literalisms for everyone.

the second one is in response to 2 panels of sleeping, dreaming boy, and my word was "clerk". only a little bit of angst.

the third one's hero is "a cucumber with lovely violet eyes" looking for glasses that won't hide them, and the word was "bee".

i elected to collage the last one because, as you can see in the spine, this book is falling apart. like, none of the pages are attached to the spine or each other. it's tragic. the paper crumbles as you turn each page, and i could not even imagine what would've happened if i tried to apply paint to this surface. lives would be lost, families torn apart, little pieces of really old paper would litter my carpet and scanner bed, all sorts of bad news.

i like this project.

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