Monday, September 10, 2007

so follow-through maybe not so much my thing. UNTIL NOW.

so i know i said like forever ago that i would post new work. so i finally am, and in your face anybody who concluded that this art blog thing would fizzle out after like a month. i was just a little slow on the uptake, that's all.

this is my first piece for illustration concepts one. the idea was loosely based on a menu cover, specifically illustrating the "four seasons" pizza. basically the menu was a springboard for idea generation and provider of format, and the rest was up to you. so, there are squatties dancing and frolicking joyously around a maypole, since maypoles are springy. in acrylic and ink.

points of contention include the horizon (too low, perhaps?) and the ink (too black? too much?) i have been considering the slate ink pen as a potential new friend in this regard. but i sort of like the idea of a loose painting with details tightened up in ink, or the idea of shape and line not quite matching up. perhaps this will come forward later.

also exciting and of note: website finally up and functioning and wonderful! go see it! link to the left, unless of course, you were directed here via said website, in which case, way to go, man.

last thing: i have been painfully behind in my dailies. well, not so bad, minus the fact that essentially none of august was inked. oh dear. also lacking has been my sketchbook time. i miss it oh so much. we'll see if one or both of those can't be remedied sometime soon. since i'm swimming in spare time. i'll share if i do, i promise. hopefully this can become a fairly regular thing, me and artwork-posting.

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Jess said...

Hullo lovey!

I quite like the black ink, although I do agree somewhat with the horizon contention. It pretty much bisects your picture into equal parts which usually makes for an uncomfortable composition for me. Every time I see that, I tend to try and rearrange the picture in my head!