Monday, September 24, 2007

sneaky cliche.

so this is my "license plate" from last week's concepts class. i use the dramatic "air quotes" gesture when i say this because the only thing that really ties this piece to a license plate is the fact that it's a long horizontal and is state-themed. no state title, no actual license plate characters (or any space for them) were necessary. the goals were to activate the space, steer clear of cliche imagery, and depict the given state (in either a positive or negative light). my state was assigned at random, and i got georgia. "amazing," she said, her voice positively dripping with sarcasm. on the plus side, i was completely okay to sass georgia, and after pussy-footing around for a while to try and be nice-ish, i said, "ummm, fuck it" and did this. a fluffy southern belle in her big cotton dress in her sitting room with big cotton curtains and cotton blossom wallpaper needle-pointing with lovely cotton thread a sample saying "bless this dress" while sad laborers pick cotton outside her luxurious antebellum bay window. so it's super mean. and probably controversial to the non-ultra-liberal-minded art school crowd. but the palette's real nice and i inked it with my light table with nice, clear line quality, which i'm jazzed about. and the wallpaper is PEACH. get it? cuz it's georgia? an accident, i swear.

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