Monday, September 24, 2007

she's shaped like a banana, get it?

another piece from last week, since a) i'm busy, and b) i'm lazy. ish. this was my "redesign an advertising character" assignment. i think a lot of us misunderstood the goal of the assignment, since we were supposed to honor the character and the product/company intention, but at the same time update the look. i took this to mean both "don't make an lsd trix bunny or a lard-ass obese ronald mcdonald" (the obvious kind of subversion) but also don't reinvent her purpose or anything, so my design left some innovation to be desired. anyway, i did miss chiquita banana, after much deliberation and the sunmaid raisin girl and cheesasaurus rex losing out to the carmen miranda wannabe. the chiquita banana chick was itching to be redone, and her previous design pre-1987 revamp was even more terrifying, as a sultry flamenco-banana with sexy-lady arms and legs. frea-ky. me and another girl both re-designed her, and we both flip-flopped her original costume colors (blue dress, yellow detailing) and gave her a hair-wrap-turban thing instead of a giant bowl on her head. with such similar designs, we were deemed "classy" (me) and "trashy" (her). awesome.

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